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Chickweed Herb

Chickweed Herb

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Chickweed, is a cool-season annual plant native to Europe, but naturalized in many parts of North America.
It is used as a cooling herbal remedy, and grown as a vegetable crop and ground cover for both human consumption and poultry.
It is sometimes called common chickweed to distinguish it from other plants called chickweed.
Other common names include Chickenwort, Craches, Maruns, Winterweed.

Make an infused oil with the herb by filling a container (preferably glass) with the herb and adding a carrier oil such as olive to cover the herb.
Allow to sit to a few weeks and strain the oil which will now contain the great properties.
Use it in your cream or lotions for a soothing effect or to soothe irritant skin rashes and eczema and is a good first-aid treatment for burns,
boils and drawing splinters. A great substitute for cortisone cream

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