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Cucumber Peel Botanical Extract Powder

Cucumber Peel Botanical Extract Powder

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Cucumber is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy looking skin. In addition,

Cucumber Peel offers a natural source for a powerful antioxidant. Cucumber Peel Extract can be used to keep the facial skin feeling soft and smooth.

It also acts as a skin toner and can be used in astringents to revitalize stressed and tired skin, leaving it refreshed and radiant looking.

Cucumber Peel extract makes a wonderful addition to skin-care products for its cooling and skin-tightening properties.

It is greenish brown in color with a faintly woody scent

The fruit extracts possess all the nutrients and beneficial properties of the fruit, but may or may not have the aroma of the actual fruit.

Fruit extracts are meant for adding nourishing properties to the formulation and not for scenting the products.

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