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Flax Seed, Flax Seed Powder, Linseed Powder, Alsi seed,Linseed.

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Flax seeds, also known as Alsi Seeds or Linseed, are beneficial in cardiac disorders, digestive diseases, cancer and diabetes. Flax seeds are one of the world’s renowned super foods. These seeds are very nutritious and helping in a several health conditions. Alsi seeds also contain a good amount of dietary fiber and Lignans.

Alsi seeds prevents from cancer is due to Omega 3 fatty acids.
It helps to maintain Blood level sugar.
Flax Seeds can reduce the bad cholesterol content in the body.
It increases bone density levels thus possibly providing relief in osteoporosis and arthritis.
Flax seeds are fiber rich hence it can help with constipation problems as well.
Alpha Linolenic acid in Flax seeds lowers the risk of heart problems.