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IGI NLA Bark Powder, Asorin Tree Bark, Authentic Anti witchcraft Bark powder. 25g

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100% Authentic IGI NLA BARK POWDER.

The existence of the mystery Tree IGI NLA also called ASORIN is believed to grow in thick forests.
Its bark and root are reportedly used to make potent charms in Yorubaland.
One striking thing about this tree is that its leave never touches the ground.
A cobweb is usually woven beneath the stem where all dead leaves drop without
reaching the ground, whatever that's alive that comes in contact with the root
dies off...that's why no other plant is seen around it. How it's gotten is by approaching
the tree and from a distance, live cock is thrown at it after some incantation...no being
can survive if you approach it ordinarily. It is also believed that the tree talks and can
send an emissary in the form of a fig to accompany a petitioner when its help is needed.
Sources claim that the tree is rare but exists at Afere in the Iwo Kingdom.