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Organic Lime Leaf Tea Bags. 12-24 Bags

Organic Lime Leaf Tea Bags. 12-24 Bags

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The leaves of the lime tree are a dark green color with a glossy sheen. They come in two parts: the top leaflet is lightly pointed at its tip and is attached to another leaflet beneath that is broader on its upper edge. The size of the leaves can vary quite a bit, from less than an inch to several inches long.

The fruit is dark green and round, with a distinct nipple on the stem end. It has a thick rind, knobby and wrinkled, and one of its common names is ‘porcupine orange’. As the fruit becomes older, the color fades to a lighter, yellowish green.

They provide you a unique aroma and flavor.

Bring to boil
simmer for few minutes,
Add honey (optional)


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