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Slippery Elm bark Powder

Slippery Elm bark Powder

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It seems to “calm down” any irritation to various tissues, soothing it and protecting it so that healing can be obtained. Internally, the intestinal and urinary tracts, throat, and lungs respond favorably to it’s properties It is also as nutritious as oatmeal, can be tolerated when other foods can’t, and is considered a “survival food”. One to three teaspoons of the powdered inner bark can be added to oatmeal. Many of the problems that develop after chemo can be attributed to the body becoming malnourished. You can mix one teaspoon of the powder and mix well with same amount of honey or syrup. Add one pint of boiling water, soya milk, nut milk, or cow’s milk. Slowly mix as you add the liquid. Try adding a small amount of the bark powder to your daily juicing recipe. It’s high calcium content helps with nervous and emotional issues. Tannins make it astringent, which acts to shrink skin and mucosa. Externally, it is made into a paste and applied to wounds, burns, boils, ulcers, burns, inflamed surfaces and will reduce pain and inflammation. (I would also add powdered charcoal) Indigenous people are reported to have also used it to “draw out the poisons from a bullet wound”. The composition of the inner bark is such that upon adding water/liquid, it will swell to a spongy mass. It is a helpful addition to douches, suppositories, enemas or lozenges.

Slippery elm powder should be a tan color and have no bitter taste. If so it has been harvested before it time.

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